Rules Reminder Jan 2019
Date of Event South East Cricket Association: Wed Jan 9, 2019 3:24PM


To all SECA clubs and Umpires:



TEAM SELECTION (By-law 4.6.4) – Finals Eligibility

As only 3 home and away rounds remain in most grades, clubs with teams with finals aspirations should now become familiar with the finals qualification clauses (By-law 3.6). Consideration should be given to qualifying extra players in case a number of injuries and/or unavailable players arise at finals time. Only in very exceptional circumstances will the SECA Match Sub-Committee allow unqualified players to participate in finals. The Match Sub-Committee will not permit an unqualified player to participate in a grade for which he is over-qualified or is likely to have an impact on the game.

In Summary -

  1. The minimum requirement for senior finals eligibility is nomination in 4 home and away games. (By-law 3.6.1).  This will entitle the player to be selected in the highest grade in which he played, and above. (Nomination includes being listed in MyCricket in the official team having had a bye, abandoned game or a walk-over.)

For example: Player X was nominated in  2 games in 4th XI, 1 game in 3rd XI and 1 game in 2nd XI -  he is eligible for the 1st and 2nd XIs.

     2.    For a player to be eligible for a specific grade and he has played in a higher grade during this season (including with another SECA club or in non-SECA games for his club, eg CSB; VTCA), he must have played at least 4 games in that specific grade or lower grade/s. (By-law 3.6.2)

 For example: Player Y played 2 games in 5th XI, 2  games in 4th XI and 1 game in 3rd XI – he is eligible for the 4th XI and above.

      3. HOWEVER BY-LAWS 3.6.4 and 3.6.5 deal with CONSECUTIVE TEAMS. These need to be studied carefully. Basically, if a player is eligible for one team, he is eligible for the next lower graded team provided both teams are in the finals.


Important Notes -

1.     Up to and including Round 7 (round 8 in J Grade; round 9 in K Grade), a player cannot be demoted more than two team levels from the team he last played in this season, irrespective of how many matches he may have missed in between. NOTE – for the final two rounds, the demotion limit is one level. This also applies to clubs with teams in other Saturday competitions, eg CSB.

2.     In the last two scheduled home and away games, a club cannot nominate a player new to that club (ie. a player who has not previously ever been nominated in a club team) in a Longmuir or Woolnough Shield team.

3.     Note that the One-Day Grade is considered a separate competition. Games played in this competition do not count for finals eligibility for the regular Two-Day Grades, and vice versa.

4.     Player Interchange Rule - For the purposes of finals qualification, an interchange player must have actually participated, or been in attendance and available to participate in the match, to be considered to have played that game. Interchanges cannot be used in finals games.


5.     Any new or returning player who has played for any other club this season, either in SECA or elsewhere, may require a clearance. Thoroughly check By-Law 3.3 or clarify the situation with SECA.


6.     Substitute fielders in finals must also be qualified in the same manner as a team member. When entering names in MyCricket, ensure that the sub is correctly indicated so as not to be confused for a team member.


7.     Nomination of team members cannot be made retrospectively for any game including byes, abandoned games or walk-overs. Only names that are entered by the deadline of Monday 8pm following the game’s completion will be considered for finals qualification.
Timelines are regularly checked by SECA.
A team giving a walk-over cannot nominate a team.


Any queries should be forwarded to SECA so as to avoid any misinterpretations or concerns.



Clubs are reminded that correct attire is required to be worn in all grades, including predominantly white footwear and socks.

All finals will have official umpires who will be instructed not to permit any player to participate in incorrect attire. It is strongly advised that clubs use the remaining home and away games to ensure that all players are compliant.


Clubs should also remind your members that official umpires have authority under the Laws of Cricket to issue penalty runs or suspend a player from a match, depending on the classification of an incident of inappropriate behaviour. Any such penalty could severely affect your team in the lead-up to or during the finals.


 SECA Rules & By-Laws Sub-Committee       



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Author: Tom Duguid