COMMUNICATION -    Will be via direct e-mail or the SECA website. 

Carnival Dates are from the 6th to 19th January 2020.


Coach Shane Hesline  0417 133 433



Firstly, thank you for your patience, while we have had to wait on circumstances beyond my control.
It has been a tough selection process with so many talented players trialing this year.
Obviously there will be disappointment for the players who have missed selection.
Continue to work hard on all aspects of your game, not just your dominant skill set.

Congratulations to the following players, who have been selected to represent SECA at the VMCU Carnival in January 2020.



1. Alan Abraham
2. Corey Barden
3. Matt Corcoran
4. Jacob Curry
5. Luke Domaschenz
6. Tully Foot
7. Nathan Gough
8. Kobe Heitlinger
9. Jake La Brooy
10. Finn O'Donnell
11. Jordan Schwass
12. Cooper Smith
13. Lachlan Smith
14. Josh Sugden

We will be having a Training session, this Sunday 15th Dec
Time: 10am -11:30am
Venue:  Bonbeach CC,  Oval No2,   Cannes Ave Bonbeach

If you can't make this session, please communicate to me by phone 0417 133 433 .
More information will be supplied on Sunday.

Regards, Shane Hesline