SEASON UPDATE - 2020 - 2021
Date of Event South East Cricket Association: Sat Oct 31, 2020 8:14PM

Dear SECA Community,


As previously advised our season will commence as follows:

    • Seniors – Saturday November 14th
    • Juniors – Friday November 20th


  • Senior Clubs are strongly encouraged to conduct a practice match prior to season commencement to ensure their Covid protocols can be used as a go forward strategy. 
  • The SECUA have indicated their willingness to have Umpires stand in these games.  Please contact Karl Treasure via email to :                                
  • Compulsory Zoom meetings will be conducted prior to November 14 in lieu of our traditional season launch. These will include a Captain’s meeting and a Junior’s meeting.
  • We are working on getting all Grades’ Fixtures up on the website ASAP. However, we still need some information back from Councils re: ground allocations before this task can be completed.
  • Clubs are reminded that all Covid Protection & Member Protection Officer requirements must be completed before Clubs will be able to participate in this season’s competition.
  • New “Game day Umpiring Protocols” will be provided to Clubs shortly. Once again these will discussed at our Zoom meetings.  This is particularly relevant for the lower Grade games which do not have official SECA appointed umpires. PDF’s listing the requirements will also be sent to Clubs. 
  • In principle, if a Shield Grade game is unable to proceed due to a player/s having contracted Covid (or being required to quarantine or some other pandemic related unavailability) we will, if possible re-schedule the game. We will liaise closely with affected clubs to determine the viability of rescheduling,  the final decision will rest with the SECA Executive match committee in its absolute discretion.
  • All grade games below Shield Grades that are pandemic affected and cannot be played on the scheduled date will be deemed a draw and equal points will be awarded to each team.
  • SECA will be implementing a temporary Rule for this year only given our One Day game Finals,  Sunday will be a Reserve Day for All Finals for All Grades should weather interfere with those Finals matches.


We are nearly there! Stay safe, follow the rules to give us our best chance to get our season started and completed!


Note the above is an abriged version sent to your Club Secretary.




Phil O'Callaghan




Last updated: Friday April 16, 2021 2:45PM
Author: Peter Kemp