RULES REMINDER #7 Finals Eligibility
Date of Event : Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:47PM



Clubs are asked to immediately forward this and future advices on to your captains and other appropriate officials such as office bearers, coaches, scorers and team managers. This is particular important for new captains. Note also that the basic regulations are printed in the front section of the SECA scorebooks.

Our website (under “Match Info” and “Umpires and Rules”), provides various pertinent documents and forms. All captains should have the SECA Handbook with them at each game. It is also available in full on our website, under “Organisation”.

SECA also has a Facebook page . Clubs are urged to have at least a couple of committee members and/or captains following our page (turn notifications ON) so they receive the latest info from SECA, particularly for meeting and function reminders, advice on upcoming weather situations and other rules updates.

The following items are of particular interest to your SELECTORS!

As only 4 rounds remain in the home and away series, clubs with teams with finals aspirations should now become familiar with the finals qualification clauses (see By-law 3.6). Consideration should be given to qualifying extra players in case a number of injuries and/or unavailable players arise at finals time. Only in exceptional circumstances will the SECA Match Committee allow unqualified players to participate in finals.

In Summary -

  1. The minimum requirement for senior finals eligibility is nomination in 4 home and away games. (By-law 3.6.1).  This will entitle the player to be selected in the highest grade in which he played, and above.
    For example: Player X was nominated in 2 games in 4th XI, 1 game in 3rd XI and 1 game in 2nd XI -  he is eligible for the 1st and 2nd XIs.

  2. For a player to be eligible for a specific grade and he has played in a higher grade during this season (including with another SECA club or in non-SECA games for his club, eg CSB; VSDCA), he must have played at least 4 games in that specific grade or lower grade/s. (By-law 3.6.2) (Note that this is a change from previous season – previously required 5 games.)
    For example: Player Y played 2 games in 5th XI, 2 games in 4th XI and 1 game in 3rd XI – he is eligible for the 4th XI and above.

  3. HOWEVER BY-LAWS 3.6.4 and 3.6.5 deal with CONSECUTIVE TEAMS. These need to be studied carefully. Basically, if a player is eligible for one team, he is eligible for the next lower graded team provided both teams are in the finals.

Important Notes –

  1. Nomination includes being listed in MyCricket in the official team having had a bye, abandoned game or receiving a walk-over. These teams must be nominated and finalised by 8pm on the Monday immediately following the round’s completion. Retrospective nomination is not permitted.
  2. Up to and including Round 7, a player cannot be demoted more than two team levels from the team he last played in this season, irrespective of how many matches he may have missed in between. NOTE – for Rounds 8 and 9, the demotion limit is one level. This also applies to clubs with teams in other Saturday competitions, eg CSB; VSDCA.
  3. In the last two scheduled home and away games, a club cannot nominate a player new to that club (ie. a player who has not previously ever been nominated in a club team) in a Longmuir or Woolnough Shield team.
  4. The One-Day Grade is considered a separate competition. Games played in this competition do not count for finals eligibility for the regular Two-Day Grades, and vice versa.

Law of Cricket 25 - Runners

SECA’s interpretation of the Laws pertaining to the use of runners remains as per previous seasons.

A runner is allowed for a batsman who is injured to the extent of being unable to run, provided that the injury has been sustained after the nomination of the team (when required prior to the toss) or after commencement of play (when team nomination is required by the tea interval). This includes an injury sustained off the field, at home or work between playing times.


The rewritten Law still clarifies that a runner should be someone who has already batted but adds that, if that is not possible, then the runner should be changed as soon as it does become possible. This would mean that, if one of the opening batsmen had a runner and his/her partner was dismissed first, the outgoing batsman would need to become the runner.

When there is an injured striker, the runner at square leg must have some part of their person or bat behind the popping crease until the ball reaches the striker, which prevents the runner from ‘backing-up’ to gain an advantage. Runs will be disallowed if the runner leaves early, and 5 Penalty runs are also awarded.


Note that coloured team attire (including pants and pads) shall be worn and SECA-approved white balls used in Longmuir Shield Round 6 only.
Woolnough Shield (and all other games) will wear regular white/cream attire and use red balls.

Tom Duguid
Convenor – SECA Rules & By-Laws Sub-Committee       

Last updated: Wednesday February 21, 2018 5:25PM
Author: Tom Duguid