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With rain forecast for next Saturday it is opportune to set out the regulations that apply to start delays and weather interruptions.

TWO-DAY GAMES – Delays and Interruptions
By-Law 4.4.1 (part)
If play is delayed or interrupted by bad weather, light or ground conditions, the scheduled overs must still be bowled unless the total time lost on that particular day of the game exceeds 60 minutes. In the event that more than 60 minutes of play is lost on the first day, the team batting first has the option of batting on the second day until it has received the normal scheduled number of overs, at which point its innings must close and the remainder of the game shall be played under Ordinary Conditions (By-Law 4.4.6). In the event that more than 60 minutes of play is lost on the second day, the remainder of the game shall be played under Ordinary Conditions (By-Law 4.4.6). Also refer to the Special Provision. Play Abandoned on the First Day

A two-day game will be abandoned and rescheduled to a one-day game in the following circumstances:

– If 90 minutes or more of play has been lost between the scheduled commencement and 4.30 pm on the first day.
In all circumstances, any toss or choice of innings made prior to the abandonment shall be disregarded for the rescheduled one-day game.

ONE-DAY GAMES – Delays and Interruptions If play is unable to be commenced at the prescribed time due to bad weather, light or ground conditions, 2 overs shall be deducted from the total overs for each 7.5 minutes or part thereof lost. Example, if play was delayed for 60 minutes, a 76 overs game would revert to a 60 overs game.

If play has not commenced by 1.5 hours from the scheduled commencing time, the game shall be abandoned and deemed to be drawn. If a game once commenced is subsequently interrupted by bad weather or other conditions the following shall apply –

- If the time lost is between 30 and 60 minutes and occurs before 10 overs have been completed, the number of overs to be bowled shall be reduced as per By-Law

- If the time lost is less than 30 minutes before 10 overs have been bowled, or is up to 60 minutes subsequently, the full overs shall be played.

- If the time lost is more than 60 minutes overall, the game shall revert to ordinary conditions or, by mutual agreement between the captains, the game may be abandoned.

A few queries have arisen over when a game can be called off. By-Law 4.3.1 is clear that in two-day games, play should continue until the scheduled number of overs has been bowled, even though a first-innings result may been achieved. It does provide however that by mutual agreement, captains may finish the game at the tea break or any time after that break. That means that the earliest play can be halted on Day 2 is 45 minutes before the scheduled tea break, by the batting team being dismissed or declaring its innings closed, thereby bringing forward the tea break time.

Custom dictates that games are usually called off after tea soon after a result has been achieved but there are valid times when a team wishes to continue to play. These may include a batsman nearing a milestone (50 or 100) or a captain wishing to give a young player a bat or a bowl. Opposition captains must respect that wish and continue play in a sporting manner. It may not be appropriate to continue play unnecessarily in unfavourable weather conditions or if one team is at a distinct disadvantage.
In One-Day games, similar conditions apply except that the game can be finished by mutual agreement after a first-innings result has been achieved.

A game in which a first-innings result has been achieved on Day 1 cannot be terminated at that stage but must be completed as per the by-laws on Day 2. Penalties will apply for a breach of this by-law.

Clubs participating in this competition are advised that the “Guest Player” rule allows the use of the one player per series – not a different player each game. To be eligible for the finals, a player must have participated in at least one preliminary round. This includes the Guest Player.
In the event of a tied match, a Super Over is to be bowled by both teams. See the full T20 Rules on Page 72 of the SECA Admin and Rules Handbook, or on the website under Match Info.

Note that coloured team attire (including pants and pads) shall be worn and SECA-approved white balls used in Longmuir Shield Round 6 only.
Woolnough Shield (and all other games) will wear regular white/cream attire and use red balls.

When there is merely a discrepancy in the details of a match on MyCricket, do not dispute the result but contact the other club with a request to correct the details. By disputing the result, this locks the match from further adjustments until SECA is able to unlock it. Only use Dispute Result when the actual result, eg points allocation, is in dispute.


Clubs are encouraged to refer any query or dubious interpretations on rules and by-laws to SECA so that consistency may be achieved throughout the competition.

Tom Duguid
Convenor – SECA Rules & By-Laws Sub-Committee                                   November 30, 2017

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