To all SECA clubs and Umpires:


This is the sixth of our communiqués to assist in the proper playing of all senior matches in line with SECA By-Laws and regulations, plus the Laws of Cricket. Clubs are asked to forward this and future advices on to your captains and other appropriate officials such as office bearers, scorers, team managers and in particular, your selection committee.

With finals not far away, teams must diligently follow SECA regulations. With all details readily available on MyCricket to SECA and opposition clubs, any breach is likely to be discovered! Loss of points may lead to missing out on finals!

****TEAM SELECTION (By-law 4.6.4)****

For the last two home and away games, a player cannot be demoted more than ONE team level from the team he was last nominated in this season, irrespective of how many matches may have been missed in between. This also applies to clubs with teams in other Saturday competitions, e.g. VTCA. The One-Day Grade is considered a separate competition and the demotion rule does not apply.

****FINALS ELIGIBILITY (By-law 3.6)****

Clubs with teams in finals contention should become familiar with the finals qualification clauses. THE MESSAGE IS – be thorough in your selection process – read the rules carefully – and if you have any query contact the SECA to clear up the matter in advance! Don’t rely on hearsay or take a chance that an unqualified player will get through undetected!


  1. The relevant regulations are in By-Law 3.6 for seniors (By-Law 5.12 deals specifically with junior teams).

  2. The minimum requirement for senior finals eligibility is nomination in 4 home and away games. (By-law 3.6.1).  This will entitle the player to be selected in the highest grade in which he played, and above. (Nomination includes being listed in MyCricket in the official team having had a bye, abandoned game or a walk-over.)

For example: Player X was nominated in  2 games in 4th XI, 1 game in 3rd XI and 1 game in 2nd XI -  he is eligible for the 1st and 2nd XIs.

  1. For a player to be eligible for a specific grade and he has played in a higher grade during this season (including with another SECA club or in non-SECA games for his club, eg VTCA), he must have played at least 5 games in that specific grade or lower grade/s. (By-law 3.6.2)
    For example: Player Y played 2 games in 5th XI, 3 games in 4th XI and 1 game in 3rd XI – he is eligible for the 4th XI and above.

  2. HOWEVER BY-LAWS 3.6.4 and 3.6.5 deal with CONSECUTIVE TEAMS. These need to be studied carefully. Basically, if a player is eligible for one team, he is eligible for the next lower graded team provided both teams are in the finals.

For example: As per Player Y above, if the 4ths and 5ths are both in the semi-finals, he is also eligible for the 5th XI, by virtue of the “Consecutive Team” rule.

Further example: If a club has 1sts, 2nds, 3rds and 4ths all in the semi- finals, players eligible under By-law 3.6.1 can be selected in any grade.

Additional rules apply when proceeding to preliminary and grand finals – By-laws and 3.6.5 must be carefully read.

  1. Substitute fielders must be qualified the same as nominated team members. (By-law 3.6.6) A substitute role in a home and away game does not qualify for finals eligibility.

  2. If a junior player has played less than the required 4 senior games, junior games can be counted for senior qualification. A junior who has not played a senior game can only play seniors finals with SECA approval. Item 3 above also applies to juniors. (By-law 4.7.6)

  3. The One-Day Grade is considered to be a separate competition. Games played in this competition do not count for finals eligibility for the regular Two-Day Grades, and vice versa. Similarly, the “consecutive teams” provision as in Item 4 above does not apply to the One-Day Grade. (By-law 3.6.9)

  4. When a player is cleared from one SECA club to another during the season, games played with the original club have to be taken into account when applying Item 3 above.


Any queries should be emailed to SECA Secretary John Adamson. Official replies will be returned as soon as possible after investigating the player records.













Clubs are encouraged to refer any query or dubious interpretations on rules and by-laws to SECA so that consistency may be achieved throughout the competition.

Tom Duguid
Convenor – SECA Rules & By-Laws Sub-Committee                                                             January 2015