*8th September- Junior Club Update*


Hello SECA Juniors, 


Hope everyone is well & soldiering through another lockdown, rolling the arm over in the backyard with this improved weather….


Just a quick update on recent info sent out, tentative planning for the season ahead..


In these uncertain times it’s obviously very hard to ‘lock anything in’, so any dates listed are to be used as ‘aspirational’ only at this stage…


SECA Junior matches will NOT be starting (as originally planned) on Friday October 8

Our aim is to provide as much time as possible to advise of any potential start dates, following Gov/ Health & CV advice.

*Our next landmark update is planned for last week of September, which we are planning to hold a zoom meeting for SECA juniors around this time.



Updated Reg form- *Sent to all Jnr Co-Ords-

We have extended Reg form return date to 30th September, to allow clubs more time to plan/ organise members.





ALL INFO (+ mandatory documents needed for completion) are now listed/available via the SECA Website (member protection section)

*Any family that registers their child MUST agree to CA’s Child Safety Policy (reg wont proceed otherwise).





ALL players nominated by clubs (originally) have been added to trial squads & contacted directly, we will advise updates directly with families what is planned/ allowed with CV-19 protocols, once we aim to start trials.

*Relevant juniors tabs on SECA website will also contain updates as we progress.



Please like/ follow SECA Facebook Page as this will also contain updates, which clubs can ‘on share’ with members/ families via club  platforms.



Junior Co-Ord-  Future Planning- *Potential future Jnr Co-Ord ???

If your club has a 2IC junior type person, or planning that this may be your (current) co-ords last year, It’s good idea to include them on SECA comms  (& any questions/ replies etc) this season, so they can see what's expected/coming when the ‘hop in the chair’, think of it as a (12mth) Co-Ord apprenticeship 😊



Hopefully all junior clubs have been liaising with their local council, to confirm ground requests.

*We are also working with councils to assist/ accommodate team requests

If there are any queries on the above or other, please sing out >>>> We are here to help 😊



Nick Macmillan


Junior Operations Mgr.



Actions Required- For NOW

As there is often movement in junior roles (co-ords.), if everyone can confirm the primary junior contact at your club for the upcoming season ASAP, so we can ensure any updates over the coming weeks is reaching the correct people.



Team Registration Forms-Sent to Junior Co-Ords (via Email)

Whilst we have an aspirational form return date of Sept 17th (assuming we start on time), we understand this is challenging at present & will communicate with plenty of notice if this changes, based on the frequent/ ever-changing daily life we have now become accustomed to.


***This is NOW DUE 30th September***




Changes of note- For Season 2021/22 >

-There is NO U12D

-NO U12s fixtured on a Friday

-12C will be stage 2 formats 20 or 30ov. (after some confusion last season), this is now mandatory across the grade 

-SECA juniors doc will include a bit more relevant info for each age bracket & be sent out once more is known around season structure

-U18s will be dictated by number of teams registered, early signs are it will have sufficient teams to go ahead

-If you have 3+ teams in ANY age bracket, one MUST BE at highest graded level (A Grade or equivalent)


*If you wish to apply for a non A grade entry, this must be in writing & detailed reasons provided in advance of team registration return date



For any others (junior related) queries or matters, please get in touch, we are here to help !!







Nick Macmillan

0419 140476


SECA Juniors

Operations Mgr.




Juniors information > Special Permits Application


The possibility exists for "overage players" to be granted a Special Permit to play below their age-group. 

Any Special Permit lasts for one season only.

In every Special permit application, the Junior sub-committee review statistics, age and other circumstances outlined in the application.  

We are mindful that Juniors are an “Under Age” competition, but that some flexibility is needed for “special cases”. We try to balance retaining players that may otherwise be lost to cricket, while being as fair as possible to other clubs and players that are not seeking exemptions.


Special Permit applications are determined on a “needs basis” using criteria below, with the application preferably fitting several (but not necessarily all) of the following criteria:

*When applying please list all info from last season + #criteria applies E.g. Ricky Ponting (DOB -July) G-7 R-29 W-3 >Criteria 2+4, request to play in ‘X’ team this season


[1] club lacks a team in a higher-age group, so the player would be lost to the club if permit was rejected

[2] rejecting the permit would deprive the player of a game as they are not playing senior cricket at the club or elsewhere

[3] the club has “awkward numbers” and rejecting the permit would prevent club fielding a team, with resultant loss of multiple players in that age-group

[4] the player is only slightly over-age

[5] the player has poor skill levels / never played cricket before / physical or emotionally immaturity / documented physical or intellectual disabilities that render them vulnerable if forced to move up

[6] the player is clearly not a “high-capability player” as evidenced from previous season’s statistics.