Juniors information including Special Permits Criteria




The possibility exists for "overage players" to be granted a Special Permit to play below their age-group. 

Any Special Permit lasts for one season only.

In every Special permit application, the Junior sub-committee review statistics, age and other circumstances outlined in the application.  

We are mindful that Juniors are an “Under Age” competition, but that some flexibility is needed for “special cases”. We try to balance retaining players that may otherwise be lost to cricket, while being as fair as possible to other clubs and players that are not seeking exemptions.


Special Permit applications are determined on a “needs basis” using criteria below, with the application preferably fitting several (but not necessarily all) of the following criteria:


[1] club lacks a team in a higher-age group, so the player would be lost to the club if permit was rejected

[2] rejecting the permit would deprive the player of a game as they are not playing senior cricket at the club or elsewhere

[3] the club has “awkward numbers” and rejecting the permit would prevent club fielding a team, with resultant loss of multiple players in that age-group

[4] the player is only slightly over-age

[5] the player has poor skill levels / never played cricket before / physical or emotionally immaturity / documented physical or intellectual disabilities that render them vulnerable if forced to move up

[6] the player is clearly not a “high-capability player” as evidenced from previous season’s statistics.