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1290 Ian Campbell - Mark Banducci Bentleigh ANA Cricket Club I Grade5 1 East Sandringham 4
2152 Luke Hesketh - Jack Norman Melbourne Wanderers Cricket Club D Grade3 1 Mackie 2
3197 Henry Boyd - Angus McLaughlin Ormond Cricket Club SECA Fri North U16C2 1 East Sandringham 2
4199 Glenn Czosnek - Ryan Polvere Le Page Park Cricket Club Quiney Shield1 1 Bentleigh Uniting 2
5163 James Bourke - Thomas Backman Kingston Heath Cricket ClubStandard One Day Grade3 1 Melbourne Premier 2
6114 Leo Kotsandis - Billy Tasopoulos Bentleigh Cricket Club SECA Fri North U16B4 1 Elsternwick 1
7117 Ben Gray - James Keys East Sandringham Cricket Club IncSECA Fri 16A3 1 St Brigid's/St Louis 1
888 Ryan McMurray - Todd Porter East Sandringham Cricket Club IncJ Grade2 1 CHAG 3
9182 Jatin Dave - harshit bhatia Southside East Caulfield Cricket Club I Grade4 1 Melbourne Wanderers 2
1060 Dennis Kimball - Gerry Linard East Bentleigh Central Cricket Club K Grade4 1 Southside East Caulfield 3

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