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Club Championship


Total Records: 56
East Sandringham Cricket Club Inc646.50
Kingston Heath Cricket Club604.20
Brighton Union Cricket Club 600.00
Le Page Park Cricket Club 583.30
Elwood Cricket Club 546.90
Bentleigh Uniting Cricket Club 526.90
Washington Park Cricket Club 526.50
Hampton Central Cricket Club 503.40
Cheltenham Park Cricket Club 427.00
Cluden Cricket Club 417.30
Bentleigh ANA Cricket Club 379.50
Omega Cricket Club 330.00
Hampton United Cricket Club 276.50
Moorabbin West Cricket Club 256.80
Beaumaris Cricket Club 252.00
West Bentleigh Cricket Club 250.10
Ormond Cricket Club 249.00
Chelsea Heights-Aspendale Gardens Cricket Club 232.50
Mackie Cricket Club 228.10
Brighton Cricket Club 225.00
Southside East Caulfield Cricket Club 217.50
St Brigid's/St Louis Cricket Club195.00
South Melbourne District Sports Club192.00
Highett West Cricket Club 192.00
Carnegie Cricket Club 186.00
Melbourne Hellenic Cricket Club 168.00
Bentleigh Cricket Club 165.00
Melbourne Dazzlers147.00
Aspendale Cricket Club145.00
Dingley Cricket Club142.60
Mordialloc Cricket Club 140.10
Bayside Cricket Club126.00
Hampton Cricket Club 123.00
Carnegie South Cricket Club 122.00
Oakleigh District Footballers Cricket Club117.00
Carnegie United Cricket Club114.00
McKinnon Cricket Club 114.00
Mentone Cricket Club 111.00
East Oakleigh Cricket Club 109.50
East Bentleigh Central Cricket Club 102.00
Melbourne Wanderers Cricket Club 97.50
Port Melbourne Cricket Club 96.00
St. Andrews Gardiner Cricket Club 93.00
Bonbeach YCW Cricket Club 90.00
Chelsea Cricket Club 90.00
Parkdale Cricket Club87.00
Parkdale United Cricket Club 81.00
Emmanuel South Oakleigh Cricket Club 78.00
Keysborough Park Cricket Club76.50
Melbourne Premier Cricket League72.00
Brighton District Cricket Club 54.00
Moorabbin Cricket Club 51.00
Elsternwick Cricket Club 45.00
Cheltenham Cricket Club 39.00
South Caulfield Cricket Club 24.00
Kingston Hawthorn Cricket Club21.00
Total Records: 56


Points earnt in for each team in a club (as per the current ladders) are multiplied by the weighting factors below.
The points are then added across each team in a club to give the total for that club.

SECA Master Blasters - Hampton0.00
SECA T20 Blast - Bentleigh0.00
SECA T20 Blast - Brighton0.00
SECA T20 Blast - Brighton Beach0.00
SECA T20 Blast - Carnegie0.00
SECA T20 Blast - Chelsea0.00
SECA T20 Blast - Moorabbin0.00
SECA T20 Blast - Mordialloc0.00
SECA T20 Blast - South Caulfield1.00
SECA T20 Blast McKinnon1.00
Knight Sport Snr T20 Div 10.00
Knight Sport Snr T20 Div 20.00
Knight Sport Snr T20 Div 31.00
Longmuir Shield3.00
SENIOR Twenty/20 Competition0.00
Woolnough Shield2.70
Quiney Shield2.40
D Grade2.00
E Grade2.00
F Grade1.70
G Grade1.70
H Grade1.50
I Grade1.50
J Grade1.00
K Grade1.00
L Grade1.00
M Grade1.00
N Grade (Restricted)1.00
MPCL Grade0.00
Standard One Day Grade1.00
SECA Wed U181.00
SECA Fri 16A1.00
SECA Fri North U16A1.00
SECA Fri North U16B1.00
SECA Fri North U16C1.00
SECA Fri South U16A1.00
SECA Fri South U16B1.00
SECA Fri South U16C1.00
SECA Fri 14A1.00
SECA Fri North U14A1.00
SECA Fri North U14B1.00
SECA Fri Central U14B1.00
SECA Fri North U14D1.00
SECA Fri North U14C1.00
SECA Fri South U14A1.00
SECA Fri South U14B1.00
SECA Fri Central U14C1.00
SECA Fri South U14C1.00
SECA Fri U12B1.00
SECA Fri South U12A1.00
SECA Fri U12C1.00
SECA Fri U12D1.00
SECA Sat U12A1.00
SECA Sat North U12B1.00
SECA Sat South U12B1.00
SECA Sat North U12C1.00
SECA Sat South U12C1.00
SECA Sat North U12D1.00
SECA Sat South U12D1.00
SECA Sat North Rookies0.00
SECA Sat East Rookies0.00
SECA Sat Central Rookies0.00
SECA Sat West Rookies0.00
SECA Sat South Rookies0.00
SECA Sun U12B1.00
SECA Sun North U12C0.00
SECA Sun South U12C0.00
SECA Sun Rookies North0.00
SECA Sun Rookies South0.00
Wednesday U12s0.00
Under 14s Sixteen/16 Competition0.00
Under16s Twenty/20 Competition0.00
Under 18s Twenty/20 Competition0.00
Under 14 B Grade - Friday0.00
Under 14 C Grade - Friday0.00
Under 16B Friday0.00
Under 12 C Grade - Saturday0.00
Under 12 D Grade - Saturday0.00
Under 12 E Grade - Saturday0.00
Under 14 A Grade - Friday0.00
CMCA Twilight U16B0.00
CMCA Twilight U16C0.00
CMCA Twilight U16D0.00
CMCA Twilight U14A0.00
CMCA Twilight U14B1.00
CMCA Twilight U14D1.00
CMCA Saturday U16A1.00
CMCA Saturday U14A1.00
CMCA Saturday U14B1.00
CMCA Saturday U12A1.00
CMCA Saturday U12B1.00
CMCA Sat U12C East1.00
CMCA Sat U12C West1.00
CMCA Sat U12D East1.00
CMCA Sat U12D West1.00
CMCA Sat U12E East Modified1.00
CMCA Sat U12E West Modified1.00
CMCA Sun U12 Modified1.00
Test Grade0.00
CMCA Sat U12 1 Grading1.00
SECA Sat U12B1.00
SECA Sun Rookies Central0.00
SECA Sat Central U12C1.00
CMCA Sat U14 Grading1.00
CMCA Twilight U16 Grading1.00
CMCA Twilight U14 Grading1.00